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10 Ideas You Can Steal From Internet Marketing Tips

Want to market your business on line but not sure how?  Below is a list of 10 ideas you can steal from internet marketing tips.

Each of the items in the list have their own relevancy and you may use all or some of them because they can all help you to grow your on line presence.

The list will give you a brief insight into how each one can help you to promote your business.  If you would like to know more about growing your business on line then join with me and the daily marketing coach and we will show you the way.  We will take you by the hand and be your guiding light in your on line journey.

Internet Marketing Tips       10 Ideas You Can Steal From Internet Marketing Tips

               1. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is simply a way of monetizing your blog by earning a commission for promoting other peoples work.  You can earn cash or gifts once someone purchases the item you are promoting.  You simply set up a link between your site and the affiliate marketer’s site.  The link will contain your unique ID and then when anyone clicks that link and purchases the product you receive a commission.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing is used to advertise a company’s products by writing articles and submitting them to several article directory sites that will release them to the market. This is a good way to get exposure to a large audience.  You should use good keywords and titles to maximise the SEO and your articles should be about 250-500 words.  Directories such as Ezine Articles, Idea Marketers and Go Articles are some great sites to submit your article to.

When writing the article make sure you include an irresistible offer that will encourage the reader to give you their email address so that you can send them future information about your products/services.

3.   Email Marketing

You have gained a list of email addresses through your marketing campaigns and now you need to build a relationship using email marketing.  By sending an email marketing campaign you can entice new customers and encourage existing ones to buy more of your products/services.  Don’t just try and sell to your customers offer them some helpful advice as well.  Massage your relationship by offering tips and asking questions to find out what they want to know.

4. Blog Marketing

 Blog marketing is a very effective way to get a message out to your audience.  Provide relevant content that your audience will want to read.  Think about who your audience are and what they would want to know.  Don’t try to blog to everyone because you will be heard by no one.  Narrow down your niche and focus on your target audience and you will pick up other people along the way.  Don’t just pitch your products/services make sure you provide useful information.  Write how to posts on subjects that your audience would be interested.  Run a competition or post a survey to really get to know your audience.  Post regular and relevant content and your audience will come.  Always ensure that if a subscriber leaves a comment on your blog that you reply.  Try to get as many back links as possible to your site as this will improve your SEO.

               5Pay Per Click

This is a form of advertising for which you will pay a cost when someone clicks on your advert.  You can also monetize your blog by having pay per click adverts on your site for which the advertiser will pay you a commission when someone clicks on their ad.

6. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is where you utilise keywords to get you to the top of the google rankings.  When writing your blog make sure you optimise the SEO element by including tags, keywords in your title and naming images the same as the title of your post.  Pages linking to your site with the relevant keywords is a great way to improve your SEO.

               7Pop up ads

Personally I am not a great fan of pop up ads as I find them annoying and pushy but there are arguments for them in that they can make a reader input their email address to get further information.  Pop up blockers make this type of ad not as effective nowadays.

               8. Banner ads

A banner ad is a way of promoting your products/services on your website.  Banner ads can often look like an advert you see in a newspaper or magazine.  You can use a banner ad for a special offer enabling the reader to click through and take advantage of that offer.  However they do come with a cost.  You can also work with other website owners to display your banner ads on their site in return for them advertising on your site.

               9Social Media Marketing

With the vast amounts of social media platforms such as twitter, pinterest, google, facebook, linkedin etc this a great way to get your site found.  When creating a post on your blog you can have social media buttons so that your readers can share your posts through their social media platforms.  You can post your blogs directly to your social media platforms for everyone to read.  The great thing about social media is that it is free and you can build long term relationships with your audience.

               10Mobile Marketing

Who doesn’t have a mobile device of some kind these days such as a cell phone or a tablet.  The most popular being the cell phone.  People rarely leave home without their phone and do everything on it from arrange their social life to updating their social media platforms.  Make sure when you are collecting your readers contact information that you include a mobile phone number in your contact box.  Once you have this you can then use SMS messages to send them information about your company.  Ensure that your site is mobile optimized so that if they click through on their phones they can read the site quickly and easily.  With mobile devices being used more and more then mobile marketing will become a front runner in the marketing game.

10 ideas that you can steal from internet marketing tips covers the major internet marketing avenues however, I am sure there are more that I haven’t covered.   Have a go at each of them and see what is best suited to your business.  It may be that you only use one but try them out as you just never know what new customer might be out there waiting for you.

Do you have any other ideas for marketing your business?  Please let me know in the comments box below, I always reply personally to comments.

Get the marketing advice that you need by joining with me at Daily Marketing Coach.


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How Vision Boards Can Get You Your Hearts Desire

How Vision Boards can get you your hearts desire is a question you may well ask. Let me explain more.

Q. What is a vision board?

A.  It is a representation of what you would like to achieve in life.

How Vision Boards Can Get  You Your Hearts DesireOk so how can that help me get what my heart desires.

This is my vision board for the home and car I want plus a car for my husband.

Have you ever noticed that when you decide that you would like a certain car you suddenly see loads of the exact car you want on the roads as if they had never been there before.   The thing is, the cars had always been there but your desire for one had not.  Your desire is so strong that you can only see the car you want.  Once you have the car and have been driving it for a while you no longer notice the other cars that are the same as yours.

Because we all have desire then a vision board can help us visualise what we desire and make it more real therefore pushing us towards our goals.

Your vision board can be about absolutely anything you want and you can even have several of them.  Maybe one for your business and one for your family life.

The aim of the board is to find pictures that set your heart racing and make you How Vision Boards Can Get You Your Hearts Desirefoam at the mouth because you so want what is in the picture.  Once you have the desired pictures cut them out and paste them to a sheet of paper.  An A3 size sheet of paper is probably best so that you have plenty of room to build on your vision.

Start your vision board with a picture of yourself slap bang in the middle of the sheet of paper.  Then gradually paste all the other pictures around you so that all the things you desire will come to you.

Once you have completed your vision board make sure you place it somewhere that you can see it everyday.  Don’t just glance at it though, make sure you really look at it to make the attraction technique work more effectively.

I created my vision board above in a Powerpoint slide so if you want to keep one on your computer this is a great way to do it.

Remember keep your eye on the goal and focus, you will get what you desire but be prepared to work hard to achieve your goals.

So how can vision boards get you your hearts desire?  Make one and see what happens.  As the saying goes if you don’t try you will never know.

What vision boards have you created and what have they brought to you?

Please leave me a comment below as I would love to know.

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Create A Community In 1 Easy Step

To help boost your rankings and readership on your blog you should create a community.  This can be done in 1 easy step.

Quite simply install the Comment Luv plugin on your WordPress site.

Create a community in 1 easy stepThis little plugin enables your readers to leave a comment and to link to their latest blog post.  It is a free plugin or you can purchase the premium version. If your readers register on your site then they can choose to link to any one of their last ten blog posts.

When a reader comes to your site and leaves you a comment then it proves that they have felt that your site was worth visiting.  Comment Luv is the ideal way to thank them for leaving a comment as they can now get readers to come their blogs.  When their comment is displayed then so is the link to their blog.

If you purchase the premium Comment Luv plugin it also has spam features to stop the spammers hacking your site.

So create a community in 1 easy step by installing the Comment Luv plugin and you can make you readers happy by providing back links to their blog, this only creates a win win situation.

Do you have any other ways of creating a community then please leave a comment below and get a backlink to your blog.

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Your Key To Success: Customer Retention

Did you know your key to success in your business is customer retention.

It costs you six times more to get a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer so make sure you do everything you can to build a relationship with your existing customers by making them feel wanted and important.

The reason I am writing this blog post is because I had a little furkid called Sammy and he regularly had to go to the groomers for a cut and blow dry and nail clipping.  Sammy didn’t really like the water so being groomed wasn’t his favourite past time.  However, Debbie and Alan who own my local grooming parlour always made him feel very welcome and took great care of him whilst there.    Your Key To Success: Customer Retention

When I dropped Sammy off if I ever needed to leave him longer than the hour it took for him to be groomed they were always happy for him to stay a bit longer.  They did whatever they could to make Sammy and I happy.  I always looked forward to going there as they always greeted me with a smile and a little chat.

Sadly though my little Sammy recently passed away.  His passing made me feel very sad (I am struggling to hold back the tears even now) and I wanted to tell Debbie and Alan in person.  I went to the salon but they were away and I didn’t get a chance to go back and see them.  I then got a reminder on my phone that Sammy was due for a groom so I figured that I had better call them and let them know.  Being the popular salon that they are they were very busy and couldn’t come to the phone so I had to leave them a voice mail which I didn’t really want to do because I felt it was a bit impersonal.

Anyway I left the message telling them of Sammy’s passing and that obviously he would no longer require grooming and left it at that.  A couple of days passed and my daughter phoned me at work to say that I had a hand written letter waiting for me at home with a heart on the envelope.  Chloe was very intrigued to find out who would be writing to her mum in such a manner and so was I.  When I got home that evening the first thing I did was to open the letter and was surprised to see that it was a card from Debbie and Alan the groomers.  It was such a beautiful card with the most caring words in it and they had also taken the time to hand write their own message to me and my family.

I tell you I was choked.  My eyes welled up and I struggled to read the card through the tears.  It was such a simple little thing that they had done but it meant the world to me.  As humans we send cards on the passing of our loved ones but no one had sent me a card on the loss of Sammy it was almost as if he had never existed and that his passing was just one of those things.   To me however he was a big part of my life and I was missing him dearly and still do.

Anyway the moral of the story is that Your Key To Success is Customer Retention.  Debbie and Alan knew that they would not be retaining my business as obviously my business no longer existed but they didn’t just listen to the message and think what a shame that is another customer we have lost.  They took the time to understand what I was going through and to send their thoughts to me and my family.

Bingo they may not be retaining my business but I would most certainly take any future pets to them and I would highly recommend them to anyone else.  Therefore they have still retained my business maybe not now but in the future and anybody else that I recommend.

In summary Your Key To Success: Customer Retention

Do you have a story to tell about how you retain customers or have you stayed with a company due to something they have done.  Please let me know in the comments section below.


Should Your Online Business Only Be Online?

An online business presence is a must in this technology driven age but should your online business only be online?

Should your online business only be online 1

Simply having an online business does not necessarily mean that you will get traffic, you need to maintain your site by driving traffic to it, there is no build it and they will come, they need to know about it.  Because you are maintaining an online customer base doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be marketing offline.

Admittedly social networking and email are more cost effective and easier than the old fashioned snail mail, but cheaper doesn’t always mean successful.  As part of your marketing plan you should be reaching out to your customers, team members and potential leads with something tangible.

The human element is often missed in an online business.  Because you are saving time with your online business you should find some extra time in your day to hand write a few notes.  Listed below are some ideas of what you can do to make your customers feel snuggly and warm.

  • Send anShould Your Online Business Only Be Online “I appreaciate you” note to both your customers and team members
  • Use a follow up card to contact customers who have not ordered for a while.
  • When you get an online order send a thank you note making a reference to the item that has been ordered so that the customer doesn’t think it is just a generic thank you note.
  • When a new member joins your team send them a 2welcome to the team” note.
  • If someone in your team recruits a new member send them a “congratulations on recruiting your new team member” note.
  • Got a star on your team send them a note to tell them how much you appreciate them.

This may seem like a labour intensive task but it can pay great dividends.  Most people will not be expecting it and they will feel special because you have taken the time to remember them.  You will also feel good and that will be reflected in what your write.

So in summary should your online business only be online  the simple answer is no.

Give some or all of the ideas above a try and leave me a comment to let me know how you got on and also let me know about any offline methods you use.


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Where Do I Find Free Images For My Blog

Where do I find free images for my blogOne question that regularly crops up in the blogging world is Where Do I Find Free Images For My Blog.

Using an image in your blog can help your SEO.  Be sure to use the title of your blog as the name of the image and then put it again in the alternative text box.

Listed below are some of the sites that are frequently used for free images.
  1. Free Digital Photos - You can get free photos from this site as long as you mention the photographer within blog, if you don’t wish to do this then you can purchase the same photo for a small fee.
  2. Stock.xchng - You can get free photos from this site which do not require attribution to the photographer.  Just beware that the pay for photos are put alongside the free ones so be sure which one you are using.
  3. Every Stock Photo  - This is a license specific site and when you select a picture it will advise you what you need to do if using the picture for free.
  4. 123rf - Many of the smaller images on this site are free.  Just go to the free images section at the bottom right hand side of the site to search for them.

This is just a small selection of Free Images for your blog.  I am sure there are many more out there but ensure that you check the license agreement before using the image or you could end up being fined.

If this blog helped you then please feel free to comment and share with your friends.


43 Ways To Master How To Build A Blog And Promote It Without Breaking A Sweat

Want to build a blog but not really sure where to begin.  43 ways to master how43 Ways To Master How To Build A Blog And Promote It Without Breaking A Sweat to build a blog and promote it without breaking a sweat should give you a good head start.  It is not a definitive list but will get you going because that is where you need to be right now.

What is your blog for?

1.  Decide what your USP and Niche are.

2.  Choose a domain name and check it’s availability and buy as many variants as possible.  I am an affiliate of godaddy and highly recommend them but check out others as well.

3.  Set up an email address that matches your domain name. Your domain provider should be able to offer this service.

4.  Use a hosting company to host your site ensuring that you choose one with a control panel.  I am an affiliate of hostgator however as with the domain name check out others as well.

Set up your site

5.   Set up your wordpress site.  If you are hosting with hostgator then you need to select fantastico deluxe to access wordpress.

6.   Decide on a theme for your site (this is how your site will look) there are lots of free themes that are good for when you are first starting out as you are likely to change it later.

7.   Install plugins to make your site more effective.

8.   Set a name for your site.

9.   Decide on a tagline for your site

10. Decide what pages you will have on your site such as home, blog, about me etc

11.  What page do you want your audience to land on?  Set this as your front page in reading settings.

 Recommended plugins

12.  Akismet – Protect your blog from spam

13.  All in one seo pack – SEO for your blog

14. Broken Link Checker – Notifies you of broken links in your site

15.  Health Check – Will check the health of your site

16. Limit Login Attempts – Protects your site from hackers.

17.  Sociable – Add links to your social media sites

18. Word Press Data backup – Schedule backups of your site

You now have the basics set up so how do you promote your blog.

Site Promotion


20.  Google +






28. Put your blog site in your email signature

29.Comment on blogs and include a link to your site

30.Rewrite one of your posts and become a guest post on another site

31.  Join a blogging community

32.  Submit your blog to and get paid if people buy it.

 Maximise Your Posts

33. Format your posts

34.Always include an image

35. Write an E-Book

36.Use videos

37. Interview leaders in your field and produce a podcast

38.Add a poll or survey to your blog.  (If using wordpress surveygizmo is good)

39.Use title tags to optimise SEO

40.Create regular content and be consistent

41. Link pages in your site to each other where relevant

42.Read other posts by leaders in your field and then promote their post on your site by writing a post ensuring you link back to them

43. Write killer headlines with keywords in

This is just a summary of 43 ways to master how to build a blog and promote it without a breaking a sweat however if you would like help with how to do this then either contact me directly or the Daily Marketing Coach.

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Have You Got Your Feng Shui On

Deb Bixler of Create A Cashflow.Com created a brilliant article on how Feng Shui can create a difference in your presentations.  The article was linked to doing home parties but could be useful in any type of presentation.

You need to create and control the energy in the room therefore you need to be positioned in the correct place.

Nice Bright Window - This would be good? Well actually no as there is too much outside that could distract your audience, particularly if they have sent the children out there to play.

In Front Of A Mirror - Again too distracting never have a mirror behind you, mirrors create negative energy.

Have You Got Your Feng Shui OnAlways have your back supported.  You should be able to see everyone that is entering or leaving the room.

Try not to be massively higher than your audience as this promotes vulnerability and you need to be in control.

If you have no option but to promote in front of a window then try to pull the curtains.

It is better to have a fireplace or solid wall behind you as this supports your back and gives you overall control.

Have you been in any positions where you have been presenting and felt like you totally lost control or can you suggest some great ideas for presenting?  Please leave any comments below as I would love to hear them.

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30 Ways To Promote And Share Your Blog Posts

Written your post but now you are wondering what do I do with it?  Andreea Ayers has provided a useful infographic with 30 Ways To Promote and Share Your Blog Posts.  Andreea sold a very successful T-Shirt business and now helps other business owners with how to promote and sell their products.

Have you used any of the above?  If you have I would love to hear your success stories and failures if you have any as we all learn from mistakes.  Please leave any comments below.



16 Tools to Help You Create Ideas for Your Blog Posts

Struggling with creating content then you need to read this great blog by Small Business Trends.  They have come up with 16 Tools to Help You Create Ideas for Your Blog Posts.  The post was written by Shawn Hessinger who is a journalist and social media networker.   16 Tools to Help You Create Ideas for Your Blog Posts

  1. Google Keyword Tool – A free resource to help you find keywords for your post.
  2. Netvibes – A tracking tool for social media.
  3. Alltop – A collection of the best blogs that you can get ideas from.
  4. Quora – Find the questions that people are asking and then create a blog with the answer.
  5. Topsy – For checking out social channels to see what is happening in the social world.
  6. Twitter Search – Search twitter for a phrase, word or hashtag and create a blog on what you find.
  7. Google News - Has lots of content on virtually anything you may be blogging about.
  8. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator – This great tool will help you come up with a brilliant title for your post.
  9. Stumble Upon Trends - Find out what is trending in the news and content to help you build a post.
  10. Scoop it – You can add a link to your site here to keep your readers up to date with topics of interest.
  11. Biz Sugar – A social community where you can share your posts for readers to comment and vote on them.
  12. Copyblogger How to Write Magnetic Headlines – Headlines grab your audience’s attention and this is a great guide on how to write them.
  13. Storify - A great site with lots of latest news, tweets, blog post etc that can generate ideas for you.
  14. Pinterest – This is a visual site for sharing image blogs.
  15. SEO Book – Another great keyword tool.
  16. Yoast Word Press SEO Plugin – Helps to optimise your site for SEO

What a great list of 16 Tools to Help You Create Ideas for Your Blog Posts.  Do you have any ideas that haven’t been listed above.  I would love to hear about them so please don’t feel shy about leaving a comment below.

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